Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meat & Wine Co

Belated photos from Wowo's 21st last week. Took her out to Meat & Wine Co since this girl is such a huge eater and does not gain a single kg -_-" 

Assorted Ribs & Steak & Salad. Very yummy and filling, we couldn't even finish it

Did speech @ Summit, one of our new fav hang out spots 

Happy Bday you natural beauty ! haha *inside joke

Mango Parfait
infused with cinnamon cardamon spice served with crushed pistachio biscotti and mixed berry compote. 
Sounded so pretty, but i do not like this at all :( Just mango mixed with cinnamon = not a nice taste 

Dessert came with the waiters singing happy bday with those mini firework sticks upon her surprise.. LOL. I actually really like their personalised service, a lot better than i had expected.

Just a normal day of camwhoring in the bathroom... LOL



  1. You guys look really pretty! And she can eat food without gaining weight .../jealous

  2. All that food looks absolutely delicious! Making me hungry here..!


  3. Love the hair flick ;)

    Next time, the toilet door should be put up so the toilet bowl wont be seen LOL =D

  4. food are delicious<3

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