Saturday, July 30, 2011


Birthday celebration with D @ Wildfire 

<3 little blue box

Restaurant has the most gorgeous lights <3 

Salt & Pepper crustaceans 

Our 900g T-bone LOL. Looks unappealing but very very yummy. Would go back for more :D

Thanks for a wonderful night <3


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heaven on Earth

 " are my last, my first"

Had a wonderful celebration with D @ Wildfire for bday on the 25th. Most pictures were taken on my camera so i'll upload them later (too lazy today hehehehe). Here is a bunch of quick snaps we took on my phone while waiting for food to arrive. 

D copying pose #1. 


#3. LOL

xP emoticon


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oops post is late but have been way too tired/no time to post the last two days. Yesterday was in fact my 21st birthday - Thanks everyone friends/family/bloggers for wishing me a lovely birthday. I spent the 25th celebrating with D, and had a super long day of uni yesterday :(. I know i don't "look" 21 but hey, all asians look much younger don't they? Also because my baby cheeks i guess >=( which i hate but might come to love later on when i'm 40 and want to look 30 LOL. 21 may seem like a big stepping stone for many and often used as an excuse to throw a big event whether it be a dinner or specific outing. In high school it seemed like such a far off age - i had all these expectations and destinations where i would throw some themed event but as the days come closer to my actual birthday, it honestly is just another year, another birthday. Nothing Special. I don't mean to sound pessimistic ..  but to me birthdays are simply just another day of the year. Usually i would spend it with family and very close friends. People that i want in my life. With the people you invite purely for numerical purposes, how many do you even contact on a daily basis? Anyway here are just some food piccies from Aria.

Entree: cured New Zealand salmon with kombu and Earl Grey tea, yuzu tapioca and avocado purée

Entree: Kurobuta sweet pork belly with pickled watermelon and crackling
This was the most yum i reckon ! Picked watermelon quite unique, watermelon sauce very sweet to balance the acidity of the picked watermelon. 

Entree: chicken and foie gras parfait with a salad of smoked duck, rhubarb and black pepper
This was actually my entree - DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL i had a few spoonfuls .. and honestly, it tastes like dog food. My sister commented it looked like Cookie's canned food lol ! Thought the parfait would look as nice as dessert parfait's but guess i was wrong :( The smoked duck tasted raw too - dislike. 

Main: crisp skinned fillet with grilled cuttlefish, apple, green olives and a horseradish sauce
This was quite a so-so dish too. Tasted just like any other barramundi dish you get at any fine dining place. 

Main: steamed fillet with smoked salmon, broccoli, sweet corn and a sour cream baked potato sauce

Main: Rangers Valley sirloin with braised oxtail, brussel sprout leaves and Yorkshire pudding

Dessert: poached strawberries, pineapple and mangosteen with an avocado and lime mascarpone and a lemon balm consommé
This has got to be the most unique fruit salad i've ever seen! Didn't try it but looks absolutely delish :D 

Dessert: passionfruit soufflé with white chocolate ripple ice cream 
Was my dessert, very yummy ^^ Souffle melted in my mouth and i love passionfruit to begin with so lovely flavours. 

Dessert: chocolate mousse with tonka bean marshmallow, rose water jelly, coconut and macadamia nuts

Petits Fours 

This was actually a surprise from the restaurant! They must have observed it was my birthday and sent it as a complimentary dish. HOW SWEET. i love it when shops/restaurants use an add-on, it just adds to the customer satisfaction level don't you think? 


Sunday, July 24, 2011


Went to Aria last night to celebrate my 21st early (with family) since it's weekend and all. Pretty excited since have always wanted to try Aria since Matt Moran is so hyped on Masterchef LOL. Was also their first time meeting D officially as my bf xD. Anyway had a very very very wonderful evening ... something i'll def remember a life time. It's actually the first time i've taken a bf to meet the rents so was quite :x at first hehe. But thanks BB (L) you behaved wonderful last night and surprised me with the huge bouquet of roses <3

Food pictures will be uploaded tomorrow ! 


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Once Upon a Dream

Not sure if people know about these artworks already, but i find them especially captivating. They are a series called "Fallen Princesses." A set of photographs taken by Dina Goldstein. Each photo depicts a modern day adaptation of the old classic "disney princesses" under a 21st century setting. As Dina states,

"The happily ever after is replaced with a realistic outcome and addresses current issues"

While i understand it's perfectly normal for young girls to believe and read fairy-tales but it is also perfectly normal to know that the original Grimm's stories had many dark aspects that Disney has sanitized for a modern audience - and of course, marketing purposes... Don't you think the photos are so interesting to look at?

The Little Mermaid


The Princess and the Pea 

Beauty and the Beast 



Sleeping Beauty


Thursday, July 21, 2011

My cutie baby sleeping on my legs :P 


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Poor me being strangled in the car by D :( Eek didn't post yesterday even though i'm meant to be posting daily but had no time :( And today i feel a sore throat coming up noooo :( :( Going to rest early in bed with some tea and books <3 

Just before watching transformers 3, not good at all ! Had a headache after it lol ==" 

@ Adria for dinner

Full rack pork ribs with chips

Quality of photos aint that great since i forgot to bring my cam yesterday so all taken with phone. Actually, during dinner a couple in front of us looked really cute, pretty obvious they were on a first date. She was in heels and obviously dressed up for the occassion.. he was flushed red the whole night ... ahh how cute hehe. Both had their entrees, mains and then dessert.. hardly exchanging much words :( The girl looked so nervous too kept on looking at me with a nervous smile and there i was munching on ribs with D like a pig LOL :( At least it means no barriers in the relationship right? 

Mixed seafood pasta

Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce & vanilla ice-cream