Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Poor me being strangled in the car by D :( Eek didn't post yesterday even though i'm meant to be posting daily but had no time :( And today i feel a sore throat coming up noooo :( :( Going to rest early in bed with some tea and books <3 

Just before watching transformers 3, not good at all ! Had a headache after it lol ==" 

@ Adria for dinner

Full rack pork ribs with chips

Quality of photos aint that great since i forgot to bring my cam yesterday so all taken with phone. Actually, during dinner a couple in front of us looked really cute, pretty obvious they were on a first date. She was in heels and obviously dressed up for the occassion.. he was flushed red the whole night ... ahh how cute hehe. Both had their entrees, mains and then dessert.. hardly exchanging much words :( The girl looked so nervous too kept on looking at me with a nervous smile and there i was munching on ribs with D like a pig LOL :( At least it means no barriers in the relationship right? 

Mixed seafood pasta

Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce & vanilla ice-cream 



  1. Nooo... Drink more water hunn..
    You look so cute ^.^ and the food looks fantastic..

  2. aww haha that little story about the couple is soo cute! i love noticing stuff like that as well :) also in the first picture I thought for a sec that you had super short hair ^^ it suits you well!!

  3. you look sooo beautiful <33
    and yum food looks deliciouss x3

  4. everything you post looks so yummy! ^_^ randomly noticed one thing: love your hair color!