Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oops post is late but have been way too tired/no time to post the last two days. Yesterday was in fact my 21st birthday - Thanks everyone friends/family/bloggers for wishing me a lovely birthday. I spent the 25th celebrating with D, and had a super long day of uni yesterday :(. I know i don't "look" 21 but hey, all asians look much younger don't they? Also because my baby cheeks i guess >=( which i hate but might come to love later on when i'm 40 and want to look 30 LOL. 21 may seem like a big stepping stone for many and often used as an excuse to throw a big event whether it be a dinner or specific outing. In high school it seemed like such a far off age - i had all these expectations and destinations where i would throw some themed event but as the days come closer to my actual birthday, it honestly is just another year, another birthday. Nothing Special. I don't mean to sound pessimistic ..  but to me birthdays are simply just another day of the year. Usually i would spend it with family and very close friends. People that i want in my life. With the people you invite purely for numerical purposes, how many do you even contact on a daily basis? Anyway here are just some food piccies from Aria.

Entree: cured New Zealand salmon with kombu and Earl Grey tea, yuzu tapioca and avocado purée

Entree: Kurobuta sweet pork belly with pickled watermelon and crackling
This was the most yum i reckon ! Picked watermelon quite unique, watermelon sauce very sweet to balance the acidity of the picked watermelon. 

Entree: chicken and foie gras parfait with a salad of smoked duck, rhubarb and black pepper
This was actually my entree - DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL i had a few spoonfuls .. and honestly, it tastes like dog food. My sister commented it looked like Cookie's canned food lol ! Thought the parfait would look as nice as dessert parfait's but guess i was wrong :( The smoked duck tasted raw too - dislike. 

Main: crisp skinned fillet with grilled cuttlefish, apple, green olives and a horseradish sauce
This was quite a so-so dish too. Tasted just like any other barramundi dish you get at any fine dining place. 

Main: steamed fillet with smoked salmon, broccoli, sweet corn and a sour cream baked potato sauce

Main: Rangers Valley sirloin with braised oxtail, brussel sprout leaves and Yorkshire pudding

Dessert: poached strawberries, pineapple and mangosteen with an avocado and lime mascarpone and a lemon balm consommé
This has got to be the most unique fruit salad i've ever seen! Didn't try it but looks absolutely delish :D 

Dessert: passionfruit soufflé with white chocolate ripple ice cream 
Was my dessert, very yummy ^^ Souffle melted in my mouth and i love passionfruit to begin with so lovely flavours. 

Dessert: chocolate mousse with tonka bean marshmallow, rose water jelly, coconut and macadamia nuts

Petits Fours 

This was actually a surprise from the restaurant! They must have observed it was my birthday and sent it as a complimentary dish. HOW SWEET. i love it when shops/restaurants use an add-on, it just adds to the customer satisfaction level don't you think?