Saturday, December 10, 2011

^ Story of my life ha. 

Think i will once again resume blogging.. the more the days pass and i don't blog the more compelled i feel NOT to blog.. and the thought of all the past blogs i should've blogged about.. ie yummo places - just overwhelms me completely =="
Lately i've been -trying- to grow out my fringe but it's taking a super long time so at the moment, it still looks like a "need to cut fringe" :( Everyone keeps wondering why i've suddenly left it out to grow since after all, i haven't had a middle parting for the past 5 years and rant about the years prior where i did have the parting. No particular reason actually.. no spur of the moment decision. During exams i simply had no time to maintain a fringe.. after exams due to work, i once again had no time. So i've just left it. Now that it's already this length i thought i might as well grow it out and see how it goes :) 

ps. After i wrote the above para, i looked back at my blog and my last post was 10/11 ? Exactly a month ago ? Fate no ? ;D



  1. everytime my bangs get to that stage, i also have the delimma - to cut or not to cut! i always end up cutting it though aha.

  2. :)) i hate growing out bangs, take forever. yes updating is fun, kind of like keeping a lil' diary with the easy option of photos and captions etc. :D