Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 2

A beautiful sunny 5am start. This was taken right having morning buffet @ hotel before boarding the bus to Mt Cook which was just down the road below the fog up ahead ^^" 

^ Lake beneath Mt Cook i was really amazed at the stillness of the water and the vibrant blue colour just wanted to bathe in it haha, haven't seen anything like this in Sydney

Though it was summer, the top of the mountains were still covered in snow! Temperature was around 20 degrees.. Tour guide told us summer in NZ hardly reaches above 30 degrees. Wasn't quite sure what to pack but glad in the end i brought along a knit >_<

^ Fav pink shade

Cousin came along with us `` so while everyone was off exploring we just sat under the sun camwhoring - LOL. * note for anyone planning to go NZ in the summer; while it's very cool overall there is still heavy sunlight especially near the mountains and a lot of people in my tour group ended up sunburnt. Lucky i had on my two layers of sunscreen every day ;D

Rents went off with a bunch of people on the ski planes taking you u for a 30min ride above the peaks also landing you on top of a flat area on the mountains .. i didn't go since i'm afraid of planes let alone go on such a small one =(

Got to feed the salmons at the salmon farm LOL. Super tasty <3



  1. gorgeous photos. :) the lake is truly beautiful

  2. i miss salmons! i use to live in alaska so there was salmon all he time lol