Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New You

Just came back from New Zealand with family for the new year so will be updating with photos the upcoming days <3 

Truly was an amazing way to end a wonderful year as it was incredibly beautiful there to relax (not that i was able to relax much being with a tour group and having daily 5 am wake up calls @_@ equivalent to 3am in Sydney) 
The past few years have not gone so well for me but i'm glad to say 2011 had been one of the most enjoyable ` and i wish for the same, if not better in 2012. 

My resolutions are simple this year -
` dress well
` eat well
` get enough sleep
` wake up early and efficiently 
` work out 
` spend time with family and friends
` cook more for D 
` become more organised with uni workload 
`start a collection on serums as i have enough face masks now ;D

Wish everyone the best for the new year 


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